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Car Insurance Glossary

Several car insurance terms and definitions are used that correlate with the motor insurance policies, claims and coverage. As, it is essential to purchase a valid insurance coverage for the car before rolling it down the roads, every individual must have a know-how of these terms. The terminology might not be used frequently, however, the definitions will make it easy for you to apply for car insurance and generate a claim, when required. The following glossary lists several most common car insurance terms that you will read through while setting up a new insurance policy with your insurance provider. This guide of definitions will be applicable in any case, regardless of the type of insurance policy and the insurance company. Refer to these terms to get more friendly with your coverage policies and insurance situations

Car Accident

A sudden, unplanned and unforeseen mishap not under your control of the authorized driver. The event typically results in damage or injury but can also lead to the loss of property or life. Accidents happen by chance without an apparent or deliberate cause of the driver