About Us

About Klaim Insurance

Klaim is a smart insurance concierge, with a simple to use, interactive digital platform. Built to make it incredibly for you to understand, manage and buy insurance tailored to your needs.

Providing affordable insurance for all

our platform is significantly cheaper and streamlined compared to its traditional competitors. By partnering with multiple insures with price comparison and customization insurance plan tailored to ones need insurance will finally be affordable for all.

Simple and easy to access insurance policies in one centralized digital platform 

by providing  clearer policy options bringing back trust and integrity back to the insurance industry using AI and algorithm with cost comparison and individual optimization to ensure affordable and accessible policies. Providing more information that is easy to understand. Buying insurance will be convenient, informative, transparent, and fast.


How are we doing it?

Simplifying everything about Insurance. Fast, reliable & easy.

  • Pioneering Insurance Technology

    Founded in 2017 As an Insuretech company, We are pioneering the assimilation of technology to the age old insurance industry in East Africa.

    Translating insurance jargon into plain English, Giving you real time price comparison, great deals, buying, managing insurance policies and handling of claims. After all insurance only becomes real at the point of a claim, hence our name Klaim® reflecting our dedication to your peace of mind.

  • Our Aim

    Our aim is to provide the smartest insurance companion redefining the way millions protect their future. By being a smart data company that delivers independent insurance advice and solutions .With critical dimensions of customer satisfaction, quality and speed. Founded on trust and transparency with social inclusion in mind, giving more power in the hands of the consumer.

  • Digital End-to-end Process.

    Boosting a digital end-to-end processes from the front end to the back office, enabling a truly data-driven capability. Ensuring no time is wasted shopping around, losing track of documents, spending more than you should, or buying the wrong cover. It’s insurance - but simple.

Location & Info

HQ Nairobi, Kenya

PO Box: 1239-50100



Insurance should be

  • Simple for all

  • Affordable for everyday

  • Tailored for you

Find insurance for life and everything in it.

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