How it works

  • Choose

    With Multiple insures up to 250+ Insurance plans to choose from, with smart suggest tailored policies optimized to your needs.

  • Purchase

    With easy to fill details and assistive selection of policy. Learn, compare and choose the right policy for you in real time.

  • Save

    Up to 40% on your premiums. Get quality insurance cover made for you, with great deals and easy claim/renewal.

  • Get Covered

    Get your insurance policy instantly. We ensure you are cover is perfect for you. Making you feel safe and protected.

  • Claim/Renew

    Fully digital end to end online compare, purchase and renewal or claim process. Get automatic renewal alerts and effortless claim process.

How are we doing it?

Simplifying everything about Insurance. We’ll do it all for you.

  • Buying Insurance

    Our algorithms find and rank plans that best suit your individual needs.

    1. Algorithms that match plans to your specific needs
    2. Tie-ups with 40+ insurance companies
    3. Get a pre-negotiated highest discount
  • Managing Insurance

    An experienced team of insurance experts are always available for your assistance. The My Account feature gives you full control of your policy. You can:

    1. Request a change in policy
    2. File a claim
    3. Instant Renew your policy
  • Claim Settlement

    We provide end-to-end support for claims. Right from filing claims to the final claim settlement

    1. Free exclusive 3 day Express claim service for car insurance
    2. India's first Free Nominee Assistance program to help term insurance customer

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Insurance should be

  • Simple for all

  • Affordable for everyday

  • Tailored for you

Find insurance for life and everything in it.

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