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Understanding what your car insurance policy covers is essential to ensuring you will have the necessary insurance protection when a loss occurs.

Section I - Insurance on the Vehicle

Loss or damage

We will pay for the loss of or damage to the vehicle(s) or its/their accessories and spare parts while in or on the vehicle. We may choose to pay cash, repair or replace the vehicle or a part of it or its accessories and spare parts to cover the amount of the loss or damage.

If we settle a claim under this section on total loss basis, the lost or damaged vehicle becomes our property. The maximum we will pay will be the Market Value of the vehicle immediately before the loss or damage but not more than the value as shown in the Schedule.

Financier's Interest

If the vehicle is under a financing arrangement for which interest we have noted in this policy, we will pay the financier for total loss or damage. We will then have no further liability to you.

Protection, Recovery and Removal after accident

We will also, subject to the limits of liability, pay the reasonable cost of protecting, recovering the vehicle and moving it to the nearest repairer or safe place if as a result of any loss or damage insured under this section the vehicle cannot be driven.

Authority to Repair

You may authorize the repair of the Vehicle necessitated by damage for which we may be liable under this Policy provided that

What is not covered under Section 1

We will not pay for:

Section II - Liability to Third Parties

Indemnity to you or your authorized driver or any person in or getting into or out of the vehicle

We will cover you or any authorized driver or any person in or getting into or out of the vehicle against legal liability for damages (including the related costs and expenses) for:

Indemnity to Legal Representatives

Following the death of any person covered under this Policy we will indemnify that person's legal representatives for liability covered under this Section provided such legal representatives comply with all the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Application of Limits of Liability

In the event of an accident involving indemnity under this Section to more than one person the Limits of Liability will apply to the total amount of indemnity to all persons indemnified and such indemnity will apply in priority to you.

Representation and Defense

We may at our own option:

Arrange for representation at any inquest or inquiry the subject matter of which may give rise to indemnity under this Section,

Undertake the defense of proceedings in any Court of Law in respect of any act or alleged offense causing or relating to any event which may be the subject of indemnity under this Section.

What is not covered under Section II

We will not pay:

  1. for death of or bodily injury to any person in your employment arising out of and in the course of such employment.
  2. for damage to property held in your trust, custody or control or belonging to you or any member of your household.
  3. for damage to property held in trust, custody or control or belonging to any other person claiming to be indemnified under subsection 1
  4. the first amount as shown in the schedule of each claim (applicable excess).

Section III - Emergency Medical Expenses

We will, subject to the Limits of Liability, pay or reimburse you the reasonable medical expenses incurred in connection with any bodily injury by violent, accident, external and visible means sustained by you or your Authorized Driver or any other person as the direct and immediate result of an accident involving the Vehicle.

Section IV - Vehicle in Custody of Motor Trader or Other Motor Vehicle Service Providers

Despite the provisions of General Exception 1(b) the cover provided by this Policy will be operative only so far as it relates to you whilst the Vehicle is in the custody or control of a motor trader or other motor vehicle service providers

Jurisdiction Clause

Payment under this Policy will not apply in respect of judgments which are not in the first instance delivered by or obtained from a Court of competent jurisdiction within the territorial limits.

Avoidance of Certain Terms and Rights of Recovery

If we are obliged by the law of any country within the Territorial Limit to pay an amount for which we would not otherwise be liable under this Policy then you will repay the amount to us.

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